Welcome to the New Zealand Axemen's Association


New Zealand Axemen's Association is the National Sporting Organisation responsible for the administration of the sport of Woodchopping and Sawing in New Zealand

Woodchopping is an heritage sport and dates back to the 1870's.

It has been said that Wood chopping is the original 'extreme sport'.

NZ forests were the breeding ground for some of the country's most rugged axemen and sawyers. Those pioneering athletes held contests amongst themselves to see who were the best when it came to felling trees and processing logs and those contests form the basis of the sport we know today.

Wood chopping is a thrilling sport to be involved in with a unique combination of athleticism and technique together with power and strength as well as the ever present danger element.


Our web site has been created with three audiences in mind. Firstly we have our current registered members and member associations. Secondly there are those international competitors and associations who follow our activity. Thirdly and not least importantly, prospective new members, supporters and sponsors. The prospective members are our future and with them we will evolve to meet the needs of the future generations that follow.

Our web site will provide information about the organisation, our activities and the activities of our member associations and groups.

The site will develop continuously to meet the needs of all who use it and embrace ideas put forward from all our targeted audience. Have a happy browse and please feel free to contact us if there is something you want to say, ask or feedback you would like to give.