NZAA Safety Management Plan


At the Annual General Meeting of the association held at Rotorua 22 July 2017, it was moved and passed that the NZAA Safety Management Plan be adopted.

The Health and Safety Management Plan has been developed to ensure that the actions of the New Zealand Axeman’s Association’s (NZAA) members are undertaken in a safe manner. This is because NZAA puts the personal safety of all NZAA members and the safety of the public foremost.

This Health and Safety Management Plan complies with the NZAA Official Rules 2014, HSWA 2015 & associated Regulations 2016, to measure the safety compliance. It is every member’s responsibility to ensure that the rules and procedures are adhered to so that everyone’s safety can be assured.

NZAA’s duty of care extends to its registered members, volunteers, visitors, customers, and members of the public.

The Health and Safety Management Plan (SMP) applies to all NZAA members and to any other parties involved with the NZAA. It contains information that should be read and understood in conjunction with the NZAA Official Rules and Information Guide for Officials and Competitors.

The safety management plan is available for download here.

The printable pre-event planning sheets are here.