Getting Involved

Getting Involved

Joining a Club

Woodchopping is an exciting sport to be involved in and people get involved for different reasons. Some are highly competitive and are there to be the become champions. Some people are there to keep fit and have fun. whatever reason there is room for new members and competitors and clubs are always looking for new blood. On our Calendar are the meetings to be held in the current year. If you live near one of these shows then contact the event secretary to be put in touch with someone in your area who can help you get started.

Even if you don't become a competitive axeman or axewoman, the comeraderie of the club and being involved in an heritage sport can be pretty speciial. There is always room and opportunity for new people to help prepare for and run a meeting.


The axes and saws used in competition can’t be bought at your local hardware store. They are all specially made for competition. New racing axes are upwards of $500, and a new crosscut saws are over $1500. When starting out you will often be lent an axe by your coach or mentor but it won't be long before you will want to purchase your own. Tuatahi Axes are made here in New Zealand. You don't need many axes unless you are going to be highly competitive and chopping a variety of woods around the world. Some axemen only have two for competition; A good axe for hardwood and another for soft or medium wood.

Registration Costs

Each club will have their own membership structure and fees. Within the NANIA Region, registration as an axeman or woman comes through the Regional Sports Organisation. A portion of this fee is passed on the the National Body and is a small contribution to administration.

The table below is a guide and sets out the registration fees in NANIA.




Restricted Junior


Under 16 competitor who has not won prize money in any open event. (Juniors who have won money in open events pay full registration.)

Full Registration


Member competes in open events.
(includes Axemens News )

Jacks and Jills


A member who compete in sawing events only

Day Permit


Only one may be issued each season, the cost of the Day Permit will be deducted from the subsequent payment of the full registration.

Performance Book

$5.50 Each

Handicap record books for wood chopping, sawing, and tree felling

Late Audit Fee


Performance Books must be sent to Performance Book Auditor by the 31st May each year, to avoid a late audit fee

Axemen’s News


Annual publication of the New Zealand Axemen’s Association
(included in full registration)