Veteran Axemen’s Report 2014-2015

This year for the Vets has been reasonably quiet with one trip away to Canberra. We didn’t have to much success winning only one race out of three, wood was very poor, would not race back there for that again axes did not stand up to it, was to jolly hot as well.
Aside from that we had a great team, great supporters, great  accomodation, and had lots of fun by all.

It was with great sadness the passing of Gordon Mannering [Gordy] to all who knew him, he was the life of many a chopping meeting. He had a no nonsense approach, and a great sense of humour. He was awarded a Life Membership award to the Southern Axemens Assn a short time before his death which gave him a great thrill. But sadly it was such a short time he had that honour, something I feel should be addressed by all Clubs, in recognition for axemen and supporters, for their years service to woodchopping, to enable them to have the pleasure of knowing that their years to the sport had shown the amount they had given back. A feeling supported by many axemen young and old who have spoken about this.

There was keen competition amongst the Vets at the South Island Champs with some newcomers competing with Robbie Brownlie [The Pup] winning number of emerging Vets in the coming season should stand the vets in good stead in the future.

Cheers Ray Harraway, Chairman