SAA Secretary's Report 2013-14

Secretary's Report SAA 2013-2014

Thanks to all who worked to keep our sport in good condition in the 2013-
2014 season.

This year the SAA saw its numbers stay quite steady at 105 registered
members which is encouraging in view of the regular decline we have
experienced in the last few years. However, I am sure we would like to see
more competitors coming into the sport and I encourage you all to make
newcomers welcome.

The Southern Championships in Blenheim this season ran fairly smoothly
although we saw again that individual centres have difficulty putting
full teams into the field for the interprovincial races. I can say that I
have now represented all four centres without ever changing my home
address! I wonder if individuals are as committed as they might be. These
championships were once the yardstick for senior team selection but this is
no longer regarded as the sole criteria for selection so we do see some whom
we would like to be present excused participation. This does not help either
the sponsors, organisers or the general public who are not exposed to the
best we can offer.

This year at the 2014 AGM, the SAA took pleasure in awarding life
membership to three Nelson Marlborough stalwarts namely Bill, Don and
Doreen Fraser.

Doreen was the Nelson Centre’s secretary for many years before inheriting
the whole of Nelson Marlborough and completed over 40 years as secretary
before handing over the books last year.

Don began a career as an axeman in the late 1940’s moving to an
administrative role in the 60’s and remained until this year as a Southern
Handicap panel member. Don was also one of the original core who set up
the NZAA in the 1960’s

Bill commenced his career as an axeman at approximately the same time as
Don and competed until well into the 1990’s. A keen coach, he encouraged
and developed many young axemen and served as an SAA delegate and
Nelson Marlborough president for many years.

All three have contributed a total of about 160 years of service to the sport.
On behalf of the entire South Island, I thank all three for the time and energy
they have given our sport.

Kevin Mahuika