Records Report 2017

Report From The New Zealand Axemen’s Association
Record Officer For Year Ending June 2017

Another year has passed. I received the first record application in November 2016.

Adam Lowe broke the New Zealand Record held since 1989 by A. Taylor for the 375mm Pinus Strobus single saw, by quite a considerable amount, now set at 8.74 seconds at the Hawkes Bay A & P Show, held on the 21st October 2016. A thank you to Darcell Apelu, Kyle Lemon & Joseph Cox the timekeepers and Eddie Fawcett the referee.

I received three record attempt applications in February 2017. Two previously held records have been broken and a third has been set for the first time.

At Nelson Creek West Coast on the 14th February 2017, the record held by S. Taylor & P. Parker for the 500 mm Jill & Jill in Pinus Radiata set in 1998 at 23.6 seconds, was broken by R. Windley and K. Mahuika at a time of 16.99 seconds. The timekeepers were P. McEwen, T. Matthews & C. McEwen. The referee was D. McEwen. Also on the same day a new record was set in Pinus Radiata for the 375mm Jill & Jill at 10.10 seconds. The timekeepers and referee were as listed above.

On the 18th of February 2017 at the Murchison Show, Adam Lowe broke a record previously held by L Gilsenan at 13.5 seconds in 1981 for the Radiata Pine 275mm Standing, in a time of 12.81 seconds. The timekeepers were R.D. Biggs, L. Timomana and C. Morgan. The referee was D. McEwen.

This season I have noticed an interesting issue arise concerning the recording of records. E.g. if the two closest times were within a fraction of a second, e.g. 8.72 and 8.75, the middle mark would have been 8.735. There is however no allowance for this time recording. I sought clarification from the referee for the record set by Adam in November. The referee advised that the record has to be rounded up rather than down. A
record must be broken and if its only one second in the breaking then it needs to be less than what has previously been set to be recorded as broken – It would be unfair to round the record down.
This happened again with the two records of the Jill & Jill attempts which have been treated the same way after speaking to the referee. It is a good idea for the referees to include a contact number beside where they sign please.

Well done Adam, Kerry and Raewyn,

Val Baker
Records Officer