Records Report 2016

Report From The New Zealand Axemen’s Association Record Officer For Year Ending June 2016

To date I have received one application for setting a record in the season 2015 -2016.

It had not been classified so far under the women’s section of our sport, and as such is a totally new record.

This was set at the Christchurch show on the 13th of November 2015 in Hybrid Poplar in a women’s underhand event 300mm, the time set is 33.77, by Ashleigh Heath.

The time keepers were Kerry Mahuika, Raewyn Windley & Andrew Charles, the Referee was Roger Thain.

Please note that the record claimed was 33.88 but once checking the times recorded the correct time .11 seconds less than that claimed has been granted, the two closest times and half way between these times is the recorded time.

The record attempt and application form was carried out correctly following the NZAA rules, this report has been forwarded to NZAA AGM with the recommendation to grant this new record.

Val Baker Records Officer