Records Officer Report to Year Ending June 2013

Report From The New Zealand Axemen’s Association Record Officer For Year Ending June 2013


Firstly I report on the finding of material sent to me by Mrs Helen Warner, inside the box I received, I found the record cards, which was supplied to Eric for filling in the records that were past by council each year. These are smaller than what we have used in the last few years, the previous season ones have been supplied free of charge by Rex Trow.

I, also found a pile about 100mm deep of the record attempt application forms filed to Eric over a number of years, as yet I have not had the time to go through these papers. Historically they are very important to the history of the sport; they are presently in storage in the filing room at 240 Rea Road Katikati. This room is purpose built for files it contains not only material on this sport but other documents for other organisations as well as company files. The room is 4.8m by 4.8m, insulated, carpet, lighting and temperature suitable for the preservation of such documents; it is available to the sport as a measure to preserve its history. As national secretary I have collected information which is filed in folders rather than the 7 boxes of loosely collected documents from some of the previous three secretaries and none of the early 1980 documents from Jim Hunt or Bill Evans days of secretarial work have been preserved by the change of in time of secretaries. With the changes of time and the possibility of changes in council I believe it is now time that NZAA decide on its future as many new secretaries will not have the storage room set aside.

As I am now recorded as one of the Katikati local historians and I have so much information on wood chopping, none of which can be compared to the quantity that Eric had, I feel someone needs to preserve what is available. I am happy now to put my name forward as archivist, and in that NZAA must also consider the purchase of an external hard drive for computer files.

As this report is for record attempts I report that no one has applied this season for a record attempt.

Val Baker