Property Managers Report 2013 - 2014 Season

Property Managers Report:

This year no one has required the use of the only saw that has been held by me, this being the NZ single saw suitable for Sydney wood. The Junior committee still hold the saws given to them and the saw boxes.

I have returned this single saw to the care of the NZAA body at the Annual General Meeting in Rotorua on Saturday 26th July.  I no longer wish to continue with this appointment, a new Property Manager will need to be appointed.

It is my belief that this saw should be either sold or given to the Junior committee for the use of the juniors or held by the new national secretary, rather than making a separate appointment. Too many saws over the time have caused problems with the ownership and final distribution of them.  A contract has been issued in the past giving the person that a grant has been sourced for the entitlement of the use of that equipment for a three year term with a right of a further three year term.  Once this six year period is completed many saws are no longer suitable for competition use and many officials have changed positions and the record and ownership comes under the spot light and is often disputed.  At this time if the saws have been found or remembered these saws have been returned to NZAA to be passed into junior areas for training purposes.

Val Baker