NZAA Presidents Report 2016-2017

I would like to thank my fellow executive members for their support and their individual efforts; I really feel as an executive we are starting to make some good progress which is great.

A warm welcome to David Gowland as he takes up his new position as NZAA Secretary. David has a wealth of administration knowledge and has taken on this role with enthusiasm. It is great to see someone new at the administration level in our sport showing such dedication.

Congratulations to Jack Jordan for being awarded the title of Young Rural Sportsman of the year at the Hilux NZ Rural Games. Jack is certainly a great role model for other young axemen and women and an ambassador for our sport.

Congratulations also to Raewyn Windley and Kerry Mahuika for setting a new record for the 375mm Jill and Jill sawing and breaking the 500mm record.

Adam Lowe also broke the 275mm standing record in Pinus Radiata held by L Gilsenan since 1981, well done Adam.

Congratulations to all our international competitors; from the footage I saw back here in NZ there were some tremendous individual and team efforts in the Royal Sydney Show this year. David MacDonald stands out amongst these great performances, winning the Single Saw World Title for the third year in a row.

This year Husqvarna NZ have become a major sponsor. This is a tremendous help to our sport and we are extremely grateful to Husqvarna NZ for their support. We have just recently agreed to continue with the same level of support next season.

The NZAA have also formalised a partnership with STA Travel. This has many benefits for our travel arrangements, particularly our team managers when organising team travel.
STA Travel are also happy to supply quotes for any travel arrangements (sporting or not) for all NZAA members and those associated with our sport (See their ad in the Axemen’s News)
I trust my fellow axemen and women will support these companies as much as possible.

Another new achievement for our sport is the development of a Health and Safety Management Plan, see this near the end of the Axemen’s News. This is something our organisation must adopt to protect ourselves
as well as volunteers and invited visitors in the ring such as sponsors or dignitaries.

The draft plan was tabled at the NZAA AGM this year and passed by the executive.

Job descriptions for team managers and chairpersons have been sent out to our sub groups and are also included in the Axemen’s News. These should clear up any confusion on expectations.

To my fellow competitors please feel free to contact me with constructive comments at any time. We are always looking for people who have some value to add and are prepared to stand behind their ideas. We on the
executive are only here to administer your sport for you and I personally am always keen to see how we can improve.

The last word must go out to all the sponsors and loyal supporters/helpers across the country that keep our local clubs going every year. Thank you all very much for your dedication to our sport. It is with your support we continue to function.

I look forward to catching up with many of you again in the coming season and wish you all the successes you deserve.

Dave McEwen
NZAA President