NZAA Presidents Report 2015-2016

What an interesting season getting one’s head around the President’s role. I would like to thank my fellow executive members for their tolerance, support and their individual efforts.

With regret I accepted the resignation of Neville Bowen our Secretary. Neville did some great work for the sport and resigned for personal reasons; understandable but nevertheless a loss to our sport.

We should also acknowledge the help and support from Kevin Mahuika who when asked has stepped in as acting Secretary until the AGM for the greater good of our sport, thanks for that Kevin.

Congratulations to Canterbury, Taranaki and Rotorua clubs for their efforts in holding world championship events this season.The success of these events is a credit to those who organised them putting our top competitors in the international spotlight and promoting our sport here in NZ.

On that note again there have been some excellent achievements from some of our top competitors on the International stage. Congratulations to you all and I wish you all the best for next season.

There are two competitors that I would like to highlight; Mikhayla Tainui McLean and Owen Wratt.

Mikhayla a development member of the women’s team made her first championship final in the 275mm Women’s Underhand event at the 2016 Sydney Royal Show.She was later awarded a greater honour; The Annual Achievement Prize. This is awarded to the lady competitor demonstrating, skill, talent and potential at the 2016 Sydney Royal Show.

Owen won the Under 16 Championship Underhand event and later made the final in the Under 18 Championship Underhand.

What tremendous efforts by both these relative newcomers to the sport, they certainly have a great future.It is the success of these young people that hopefully attracts other younger people to our sport.

Thank you to the NZ Rural Games Trust for introducing a scholarship for young axemen, hopefully this will continue next season. The lucky recipient for this season was Pete McEwen studying a Bachelor of Agricultural Commerce at Lincoln University, now chopping for the Canterbury Club.

I would like to reiterate the thoughts of the Southern President in his report regarding comments made about administrators doing nothing.The common excuse of I’m too busy is just not good enough.We are all very busy in this day and age - so don’t complain about those who are trying.Step up and take some responsibility for the future of our sport.

To those senior administrators at club level I encourage you to mentor younger members into these positions. Use your experience to help Page 11

futureproof the administration side of the sport. Many clubs has older members who have been doing these roles for a long time and have earned the right to step back and enjoy the fruits of their labour.

Whilst on administrative matters, I believe there is little need to have too many rules to cut a block of wood in half.This you would tend to think should be a pretty simple sport to administer until you read our constitution. I believe this document is in need of review, simplified and modernised; maybe this could be next season’s task?

I would like to acknowledge and thank Rose Jamison for the great work she does as Editor of the Axemen’s News.Please support her requests for information in a timely manner. This all helps Rose get the book out early to us.Keep up the great work Rose, it is appreciated by all of us.

Lastly but most certainly not by least a huge thank you to the sponsors and volunteers of the various clubs throughout the country.It is with your generous support that we continue.

Dave McEwen
NZAA President 2015-16