NANIA President's Report 2014

President’s Report to the 2014 Annual General Meeting of the Northern Axemen’s North Island Association

The Northern Axemen’s North Island Association is a recognised regional sports organisation. It is an incorporated society, registered with the charities commission and a member of a national sports organisation. Some regional sports organisations are very active in organising and conducting regional contests, events and administering the day to day function of sport in their jurisdiction. In our sport or perhaps our region due to the way we are made up, it is largely up to the individual clubs and meetings to organise their own events. While there are regional and national rules the respective clubs and meetings have the autonomy to self-manage to their own requirement or preference.

As an organisation, NANIA has a less hands on function than some other RSOs and to some extent a less hands on role than it did in the past prior to the formation of the national organisation in its current format. NANIA fulfils more the role of a conduit to unite and affiliate the region to the National Sporting Organisation. NANIA has a set of objects in its constitution and it is these that the association should primarily concern itself with.

It became apparent through the year that some people misunderstand the relationship between the regional association and the national organisation. Some elements of the governance of these bodies are mutually exclusive and while there is a time and place for input to the decision making process, at all levels, policy and rules, once set, cannot be simply undone because one or a group of people decide on a different idea. If something needs changing or fixing then due process needs to be followed to effect the change. Open, objective and constructive dialogue is essential and a spirit of cooperation necessary for any such result rather than personal attacks on individuals.

Having said that, there have been some things happen in the region that are worthy of mention and accolades that need to be attributed.
We have seen competitors from our association representing the region and the country both nationally and internationally. Congratulations to those who had podium success in Adelaide, Sydney and further afield on the world stage. There has been some feedback to suggest that the NANIA website is meeting the needs and interests of members. In the last 12 months there have been over 5400 visitors which is an average of 14 unique visits per day. A feature that might enhance the site more would be photographs from meetings and events that showcase the sport around the region.

While some meeting sizes seemed smaller and not as well attended this year, there were two extra meetings in the calendar for the region this season. All of these meetings are a credit to the clubs that organise them and would not be possible if it were not for teams of volunteers and willing workers who put in tireless effort to run them.

As I visited around most meetings I was encouraged to find that organisers and their committees are looking at ways to make things better both for competitors and spectators. This behind the scenes effort is to be commended. There are so many unsung heroes involved in the sport besides our active competitors. In my own area the volunteers significantly outnumber the competitors. Therefore in conclusion I wish to sincerely thank each and every one who has contributed to a meeting or event and encourage you to keep up the good work. Without you there would be no sport for our competitors.

Chris Lord
NANIA President 2013-2014