NANIA President’s Report 2015-2016

NANIA President’s Report 2015-2016

Firstly, thank you to all who ran and organised chopping meetings in the last season, which includes those who don’t compete but do a lot of work behind the scenes.

Representative Teams Congratulations to those competitors who made the Representative team from our area this last season, including Juniors, Women, Seniors and Veterans.Well done.

Handicapping We at NANIA have a new handicapper, thank you to Margaret Honey for training her and welcome Megan Curtis-Sergeant.

Awards This last season NANIA started handing out brooches/badges to life members; Dave Hawkins, Daphne Usher, Johny McKenzie, Cliff Hughes and Rex Spencer have received theirs.We must try to catch up with our other life members this coming season to award them theirs. At times this can be difficult as some of the old timers don’t always attend chopping meetings. Also, we gave out trophies to the winners of the Boys Chops at different venues.

Demonstration Chopping There were three of these events run in our area this last season as far as I know. I attended the one at Katikati and Ngarauwahia. At Katikati there were around 100 spectators, and at Ngarauwahia there were at least 50 watching, and they had a big screen TV up the top where others were watching.Those chopping and sawing said how much they enjoyed this type of event.

I have been told there was a good crowd watching at Tauranga also.

At Keumu there was TV coverage and a good audience.

I attended all our sports and chopping shows except Keumu and we aren’t getting the spectators watching wood chopping. Question; what are we doing wrong that we must change? Also, it is hard enough to get sponsorship for our shows, how do we create more interest in our sport?

I would also like to acknowledge Darcell Apelu for her contribution as Secretary Treasurer for NANIA and for her general contribution to the sport. Wishing everyone the best for the upcoming season.

George Richards President

Life Members: Rex Spencer, John McKenzie, Daphne Ussher, Ruth Douglas, Cliff Hughes, Brian Trow, Cliff Honey, Dave Hawkins