Axe Ferns President Report 2015-2016

New Zealand Axe Ferns

Presidents Rep ort 2015-2016

My first season as President has been a learning experience for me to say the least. I would like to thank everyone on the committee for their support, help, and much needed advice in my first year.

This year has had some real highs and some lows but I’m pleased to say that over all I think we’ve come out on the winning end.

My personal highlight of the season was seeing the women adopt the brand name "NZ AXE FERNS" for our international team. To see this printed on the uniforms one that we all had a part in designing and to bring our own touch to NZ women’s wood chopping.

I would like to thank Neville Bowen for his hard work in getting this past the challenge he faced at NZAA level.

Was also good to see some NZ events with great attendance numbers from the women, particularly Christchurch and Ikamatua but even seeing some of the numbers increasing in the other areas is a really positive sign. Travelling to events is a big commitment and it has been nice to see the event organisers make efforts to put on more races for the women and help make the travel worthwhile.Thanks to all those that supported in this way, it’s people like you that help keep us interested and keep this as a family sport.Special thanks also Haase Marshall Drainage Ltd (Kerry & Kyle) for the wonderful sponsorship that covered the cost of van hire so we could all travel to Ikamatua from Christchurch.Also thanks to Rob and Paula Poasa for making us all so welcome, letting us take over your house (or should I say Mikki’s house) for the night.

The big event of the season would have to be Sydney, I was immensely proud to stand with such a united team. The Axe Ferns were the definition of professional, from the way each person conducted themselves right through to the way the team was presented. The Woman’s subcommittee can be very proud to have created such a strong foundation for a successful NZ representative team.

The NZ woman also performed well on an individual basis, congratulations to everyone that finished on the podium or with a personal best result. Big congratulations to Mikhayla Tainui-McLean for taking out the the annual Achievement Prize, awarded to the Lady Competitor demonstrating skill, talent and potential during competition at the 2016 Sydney Royal Easter Show.It’s great to see the talent growing in NZ women’s woodchopping this is after all, one of the key drivers for our sub-committee

I’m looking forward to gaining momentum as we progress our positive steps further next year.

Rochelle Molan